PLD Space Launches MIURA 5 SPARK Program, Offering Free Satellite Launch Opportunities

Credit: PLD Space

Spanish aerospace company has unveiled its SPARK Program, aiming to provide global educational centers, universities, institutions, and companies with unprecedented access to space. Under this initiative, the first two launches of the MIURA 5 rocket will be made available free of charge, covering mission costs to foster scientific and technological innovation.

The program invites submissions from around the world, encouraging innovative proposals aimed at addressing Earth’s challenges through space-based solutions. Selected satellites will be integrated into the MIURA 5 demonstration flights scheduled for late 2025 and early 2026, receiving standard launch services without financial burden.

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In a statement, PLD Space emphasized its commitment to advancing space technology for the betterment of society: “We are dedicated to promoting scientific and technological advancements that can positively impact lives from the vantage point of space.”

Interested parties are invited to submit preliminary applications by July 30, with initial assessments and shortlist notifications scheduled for August 30. Shortlisted candidates will receive detailed guidelines and have until the end of September to finalize their proposals. The final selection of participants is set for November 30, and contracts for launch services must be signed by December 30.

Priority in selection will be given to proposals from Spanish entities, followed by those from EU Member States, Member States, and other key international partners. PLD Space also favors submissions that involve collaborations with educational institutions and commercial entities, particularly those integrating experiments by students from various educational levels.

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