SpaceX’s Starship Set for Fifth Test Flight in Four Weeks

Credit: SpaceX

is gearing up for the fifth test flight of its ambitious rocket, set to take place in the coming weeks, according to CEO ‘s recent announcement on Friday via his social media platform, X.

“Flight 5 in 4 weeks,” Musk stated, underscoring the imminent schedule for the 400-foot-tall Starship, comprising the Super Heavy booster and the upper-stage spacecraft known as Starship or Ship, designed for reusability.

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Since its inaugural test flights in April and November 2023, followed by missions in March and June 2024 from SpaceX’s Starbase facility in South Texas, Starship has shown steady performance improvements. The most recent flight successfully executed the separation and return of both Super Heavy and Ship, with splashdowns in the Gulf of Mexico and Indian Ocean, respectively.

With these achievements, SpaceX is moving swiftly towards Flight 5, benefitting from minimal post-flight analysis due to the smooth performance of the June 6 mission. Unlike previous flights requiring regulatory scrutiny, technical readiness is now the primary factor driving the timeline.

Flight 5 is anticipated to introduce a new milestone: SpaceX plans to attempt a precise landing of the Super Heavy booster onto Starbase’s launch mount, utilizing the facility’s specialized “chopstick” arms.

Elon Musk has highlighted that this approach will enhance Starship’s flight frequency, facilitating quicker inspection, refurbishment, and subsequent launches of the booster.

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