U.S. Space Force Expands Launch Provider Roster for Small-Satellite Missions

Credit: Stoke Space

The has broadened its lineup of launch providers eligible for competitive small- missions under the Orbital Services Program-4 () contract, welcoming and Stoke Space Technologies onboard.

Established in 2019 by the Air Force, OSP-4 operates under an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) framework, allowing flexibility in procuring supplies or services as needed over a fixed period. The contract focuses on leveraging emerging commercial launch capabilities for missions requiring payloads of 400 pounds or more, with providers expected to be launch-ready within 12 to 24 months from task order award.

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According to Lt. Col. Steve Hendershot, overseeing the Space Force’s small launch procurements, the addition of Blue Origin and Stoke Space Technologies aims to enhance the small launch industrial base. “We are excited to add Blue Origin and Stoke Space as the newest providers on the OSP-4 contract,” Hendershot stated in a July 3 news release.

Blue Origin’s selection for OSP-4 follows its recent inclusion in the National Security Space Launch Phase 3 Lane 1 procurement, suggesting readiness for upcoming payload launches with its New Glenn rocket. Stoke Space, a newer entrant, is preparing for its first orbital test launch in 2025 after successfully conducting a hot-fire test of its reusable rocket engine.

The OSP-4 contract, which has awarded seven missions totaling over $190 million to date, features a $986 million ceiling through October 2028. It complements the larger National Security Space Launch program by offering a diverse vendor pool to meet defense-related mission requirements.

Blue Origin and Stoke Space Technologies join a cohort of 10 other providers on the OSP-4 contract, including established entities like , United Launch Alliance, and emerging companies like Astra and Relativity Space.

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